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10w 20w 30w 50w co2 galvo rf laser marking machine price for nonmetal wood for leather

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20w 30w co2 laser marking machine for wood glass tube plastic non metal markingProduct Description(1) CO2 Laser

20w 30w co2 laser marking machine for wood glass tube plastic non metal marking


Product Description



(1). CO2 Laser Marking Machine is specially designed to equip on production line and pipeline

worktable in your factory or being made by us to reach flying marking application at high speed.

(2). More compact machines and Laptop control the whole machines.

(3). Working time: 20,000 hours.

(4). The laser head is fixed on a trestle and easily to adjust the height and distance from the object.

(5).20 /30W with Air cooling and 70/100/1 50W with water chiller cooling system.





Laser Power

Processing Area


Glass Laser Tube 60W



Glass Laser Tube 80W



Glass Laser Tube 100W



RF Laser Tube 10W



RF Laser Tube 30W



RF Laser Tube 60W



RF Laser Tube 100W


DF = Chinese Glass Sealed Co2 Laser Tube

RF = USA or Chinese Metal Sealed RF Co2 Laser Tube

Customized Specification is Available


Laser Type: CO2

Power:  30W/50W/100W

Laser Wave Length: 10.6um

Optional Working Area: 0-400mm

Marking Speed: ≤7000mm/s

Min. Linear Width: 0.15mm

Marking Depth: ≤3mm/≤5mm/≤8mm

Repeat Frequency: ≤100KHz

Min. Character: ≤0.8mm

Repeat Accuracy: ±0.002mm

Power Supply: AC 220V 50KHz 20A

Cooling: Water Cooling




Product Details



Product Applications


co2 laser marking engraving machine applicable for so many materials like bamboo, coconut shell, paper, plexiglass, PCB board, acrylic, rubber, marble, granite, jade, crystal, leather, fabric and so on the vast majority of non-metallic materials. It was used in craft gifts, advertising decoration, toys, electronic appliances, clothing, medicine, food, paper products and other industries.

Our Services

1,Guarantee the machine for 3 years.

2,Delivery the machine within 7-15 working days after received

   your payment.

3,18 hours technical support Internet or by Telephone, skype,

   whatsapp free instructions and Problem solving.

4,Free installation and fully test before sending and free training

   for operators.


Company Information

 Jinan UNICH Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of CNC woodworking equipment and CNC advertising equipment of high-tech enterprises. Our company sets research and development , production, sales, maintenance services as a whole, specialized in manufacturing Wood CNC router, Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine, Fiber and co2 marking machine, Plasma metal cutting machine, fiber laser metal cutting machine and Stone engraving machine._21.jpg

Packaging & Shipping



Q.How to get the most suitable machine and best price?

1)Please tell the  material you want to working on ?

2)How to working on it ? Engraving ? Cutting ? Or other ?  

3)What’s the MAX size of these material ?( length ? Width ? Thickness ?)


Q.If we do not know how to use the machine,can you teach us?

Yes,we will ,if you come to China,we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.And if you are busy ,we will have the special engineer to your country,but you need tobear some fee,like tickets and hotel and meal. 


Q.How about your after-sales service? 

We offer you 24 hours service phone,skype or MSN.


Q.Quality control:

The whole production  procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be tested to make sure they can work  very well before being out of factory.The testing video and pictures will be available before delivery.