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500w 1000w fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet

2018-10-25 11:43:34    Hits:
Fiber laser cutting machine Main Features 1) Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine all in one LXF1530 2) Applications primarily suited for cutting stainless, carbon, aluminum, titanium, and most non-ferrous metals
500w 1000w fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet
No. Name Description Model Remark Power
1 square tube body high-speed type 1325 Overall dust   500/750/1000/1500 and higher power
2 1530
3 1515
4 1545  
5 Gantry beam     Technical parameters
6 Z axis (including lead screw guide rail) Aluminum Cast Z100   Fuji:
Unload running speed:60m/min
cutting speed:50m/min
accelerated speed:
7 Outsourcing of sheet metal  
Integrated outsourcing Standard  
8 Split outsourcing  
9 Helical gear rack Gambini
10 Linear square rails THK
X:20mm  Y:30mm   Z:15mm  
11 reduction gears France MOTOVARIO
12 Servo motor Fuji
Y:1500w  Standard
13 X:1500w
14 Z:400W(holding brake)
15 Cutting head RAYTOOLS
16 Control system  
17 chiller S&A (Model can be chosen according to your needs)
18 smoke sucker
19 voltage stabilizer Can be chosen according to your needs
20 proportional valve Air  TAC
21 air course
Two line (three line are chosen according to the actual situation)